This Line On Your Palm Means Your Health Is Suffering

We all have lines on the palms of our hands. Some can be positive and others negative, depending on where they lay on your palm. But there’s one line in particular that has a negative undertone. The health line, if visible on our palm, is associated with — you guessed it — health and wellness.

The thing is, not actually having one may be better for your health. And having a health line that’s weak, wavy or long, well, that could indicate some trouble ahead. Here’s what your health line maybe trying to tell you.

Where is the health line located?

The health line runs from the mount of Mercury downwards via the mount of Mars. The mount of Mercury is located on the palm below the base of the little or pinky finger. The mount of Mars is located between the head and the heart line below the little or pinky finger.

If you’re right-handed, look for a health line on your right palm. Alternatively, if you are left-handed, then look at your left palm for a health line.

Absent health line

As mentioned, if your palm has no health line showing, that’s a good sign. You’re healthy and have no health problems to speak of.

Deep and firm health line

Another indication of excellent health is a deep and firm health line on the palm. In fact, the straighter the line, the better your health is.

Wavy and broken health line

A wavy health line is a warning. You may have potential health problems ahead, particularly in the digestive system and a decline of liver or gallbladder function. There’s a good chance you suffer from a gastrointestinal disorder. If your health line is bent into an arc, you may be experiencing a loss of strength or vitality. Breaks in your health line indicate a problem with your digestive system.

Crossed with short lines or made up of many short lines  

If your health line is crossed with shorter lines, it’s an indication that you may be prone to accidents. If your health line is very short or made up of many short lines, it indicates an overall weak and sick body.

Island or chain link in the health line

An island on your health line indicates that you may suffer diseases of the liver and gallbladder. Or you may have a poor kidney function or respiratory system problem. If the island is large, it may indicate a mammary gland disease in a female. If the health line is chained, you usually have a poor health condition due to the diseased liver.

A star on your health line

A star on your health line generally indicates little support from family members. If you are a woman and have a star right at the point where the head line and health line cross, this may mean you suffer from infertility or may experience tougher deliveries when giving birth. For men who have a star on their health line, it could indicate a low sex drive and infertility problems as well.

If a star appears right at the starting point of your health line on the mount of Mercury — located, at the base of the little finger — this may indicate you are childless. It could also mean that you suffer from problems with your kidney or have gynecological issues.

A square, spots or cross on your health line

A square on your health line may indicate surgery due to the heart problem. Meanwhile, spots is an omen of illness and red spots may suggest fever and inflammation. A cross beside your health line could indicate that you are prone to accidents.

A triangle on your health line

If you have a triangle on your health line, you could suffer from mental health issues. If your headline is also broken and wavy this could be an indication of an even more severe psychological problem.

What about the length of your health line?

If your health line is long, and crosses the head line, it may indicate stress and general brain fatigue, especially later in life. You may require more rest and perhaps a little meditation to calm your mind. If your health line extends to the mount of Venus — located at the base of the thumb — you might have issues with blood circulation. Watch out for heart disease or a cerebral hemorrhage.

When your health line touches your lifeline

If your health line extends to the lifeline and ends there, it’s may indicate a weak cardiovascular system which affects your normal blood circulation.

Between your heart and head line

If your health line sits between your heart line and your head line this may suggest you suffer from lesions in your brain. Lesions in the brain refer to any type of abnormal tissue caused by trauma, infection or even dementia.

Extending to bracelet line

If your health line extends down to the bracelet line, your health may have been poor your entire life. Throughout the day you may be easily fatigued and have difficulty recovering from illness.

The bottom line: if you discover any of the abnormalities noted above within your health line, don’t panic. Consider this a wakeup call to pay a little more attention to your health and ways you can improve it.

Via Alternative Daily