Hungry All the Time? Processed Foods Could Be to Blame

Constantly hungry? The foods you eat may be to blame. Research shows that those who regularly eat processed foods consume more carbs, fat, and sugar than those who don’t. What’s more, processed foods can act as an appetite stimulant, which may cause you to overeat and gain weight. The bottom line: people who consume processed foods eat more and weigh more.

Processed Foods: An Overview

What exactly are processed foods? Processed foods include any food items that have been cooked, canned, frozen, packaged, or otherwise changed from their natural state. Ready-to-eat foods, such as deli meat, frozen meals, cupcakes, and crackers, are the most unhealthy because they often contain preservatives, hidden sugar, sodium and fat. Other processed foods, like canned tomatoes, are minimally processed and are not considered as unhealthy as ready-to-eat options.

How Processed Foods Influence Appetite

While researchers are unsure about the exact reasons why, studies have shown that people who eat processed foods consume an additional 500 calories a day. When those same people consumed fresh, whole foods, they ate less.

Scientists believe hormones and fluctuating glucose levels may play a role. Processed, sugary, and fatty foods, as well as carbohydrates, influence endorphin levels in the brain and glucose levels in the blood. This can lead to cravings and feelings of hunger. They also believe people eat processed foods much quicker, which may make it more difficult to know when they’re full.

How to Reduce/Eliminate Processed Foods

To eliminate processed foods from your diet, eat more fresh, whole foods. These foods are often located on the perimeter of your grocery store and include raw fruits and vegetables, unprocessed meats, and whole grains. If you must eat packaged foods, look for items that have been minimally processed with no sugar, fat or salt added. The key is to consume foods that are as close as possible to their natural state.

There is an undeniable link between processed foods and overeating. If your diet is rich in processed foods, you may stay hungry all the time. However, if you can reduce or eliminate processed foods from your diet, you may notice a decline in hunger as well as the number on the scale.

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