• Clementine was about to be put on “death row” due to multiple health issues, when Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt saw her.
  • Chelsea took the pup home, who was so afraid to look at anyone, and cared for her.
  • From being a timid, scared dog, Clementine is now a cheery pup whose favorite thing is to lovingly stare at her doting mom.

Love has totally transformed this pup from being too timid and scared to a pooch that glimmers.

Clementine was supposed to be put on “death row” given her various medical issues, but Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt knew she had to save her.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt

When Chelsea saw her photo online, she immediately submitted an application, which was soon enough approved.

“The person at Ginger’s Pet Rescue was floored and in tears that we were interested in her,” Chelsea told The Dodo. “She told us that of the hundreds of applications they’d received for dogs in the previous few weeks, not one had been for Clementine.”

Despite being explained that Clementine had a tough condition, Chelsea still took her in — eager to help the abandoned dog heal.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt

Chelsea had seen how Clementine was so terrified of people that she wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes.

“She shook all the time, hid behind furniture and sat facing the wall for months,” the fur mom said. “She had defeated, empty eyes. She never looked at our faces and she bowed her head whenever we walked over to her or near her.”

Photo Credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt

Clementine might have had a hard time trusting humans, but not other dogs. She was somehow comfortable with her furry siblings Moose and Maple.

The adapting dog had soon begun seeking comfort in being near her siblings, especially when they go together around the house.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt

It was at that moment that Chelsea realized that there was a big chance Clementine would grow to be a happy pooch. And she was right!

After a series of infection and allergy treatments, Clementine showed signs of improvement. She stopped shaking and began having the courage to look her human parents in the eyes.

A few months later, staring at her mom has become Clementine’s favorite thing.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt

“She loves to look deeply into our eyes while we pet her, and she’s very attentive when we’re talking to her,” Chelsea said. “She’s still wary of new people and sometimes even gets spooked by us if we move too quickly or come up behind her, but she’s come so far.”

Now, Clementine has fully transformed to be a healthy, happy dog. She’s playful and always full of curiosity, which was probably her way to make up for lost puppyhood.

Via  The Dodo