• River has always obeyed her nightly instructions to tend to her bathroom duties before bedtime.
  • But she dislikes the rain, so she does whatever she can to avoid the wet outdoors — to the point of playing dead.
  • She did not succeed, however, since her owner was able to easily slide her towards the door.

When River arrived at her new family’s home from the shelter, her breed was unknown. However, her family believes her to be part Australian Shepherd and also part border collie, which makes them think that she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

Even so, River still has a few rules to follow. Every night before bedtime, she receives her instructions to go outside and tend to her nightly toilet duties.

She usually doesn’t mind the task, so she obeys. She has even gotten used to the property’s surrounding trees and grass, and only needs a few minutes to complete her duty.

River dislikes the rain, however, so she does everything she can to avoid the outdoors on rainy nights. On one particular night, she knew she had to resort to desperate measures — she had to play dead.

Photo Credit: Good News Network

As soon as she received her nightly instruction of going outside, she instantly rolled on her back. She really played dead! She certainly wouldn’t move for anything — not even, perhaps, for steak.

She was steadfast in her mission to pretend that she was unconscious — whether it be dead, in a coma, or just sleeping.

Her owner tried everything. He tried flattery and offering her whatever she may have wanted, but to no avail.

Eventually, her owner had no choice but to gently slide her across the smooth floor and towards the door — a move that surprised and disappointed her!

Photo Credit: Good News Network

Perhaps she now knows that her tricks won’t work the next time, but she will certainly try!

Via   Good News Network