• Photographing animals is no easy task. They can misbehave in a second and you lose a subject for your film.
  • But once you get that perfect timing, it’s endgame.
  • Here are 15 perfectly-timed animal pictures people on the internet are going crazy over!

Animal photography is no joke. Besides requiring the basic skills, it demands perfect timing, unless you want a blurred photo of a cat, or only a dog’s tail as he already ran out of your frame.

But, there are photographers who clearly got the best shots of their pets. And we can tell they’re really good at it, or maybe, they just got lucky.

Whichever, here are 15 perfectly-timed animal photos that will definitely make your week!

1. This dog looks 10x more ecstatic than all of your happy photos combined.

2. Duck is not sure if she’s seeing herself dead or it’s someone else who needs her help.

3. It’s like this cat is shocked with her “woke up like this face.”

4. I’m not sure if my heart would go for the pups for feeling so tired after all the wedding preps or this trapped bride who has to wait for them to wake up.

5. Pouty lips have never been this gorgeous!

6. These cats seem like they’re rooting for Tom. Either that or they’re waiting for Jerry to run out of the screen so they can have him to themselves.

7. Hey mate. “Put it there” bird-style.

8. When the culprit leaves the greatest evidence pointing to him…

9. That look on the cat’s face tells that she’s been stuck there for a while. And her blank stare completes the atmosphere. “Somebody, help me!”

10. Friends or lovers? I can’t tell either.

11. How can this raccoon be that graceful even while guarding that door? And his face speaks a lot of authority.

12. This cat wants to belong in the pack. Give her some spot!

13. Be careful not to step on the fluffy dog trying to camouflage with the equally fluffy rug.

14. I bet you gave a second look to find where the puppy is in this picture. Try again.

15. It seems like the owner is obsessed with this pattern. Do you think he got the sofa, or the dog first?

Via Mental Flare