There’s something about animals, maybe especially their expressions, that can make up anyone’s day. Whether they’re happy, sad, confused, or even unaware, a photo of cute animals instantly enhances the mood.

See these 15 funny photos from the “Important Animal Images” Facebook page that will definitely leave you either smiling, laughing or both. (You’re welcome!)

See these 15 funny photos

1. You aren’t deceived by your eyes. She’s a darling.

2. Pup is 100% sure she can outdo this giant sculpture.

3. Cat mama gone crazy. She wasn’t briefed motherhood would be this tough.

4. Two corgis: one extrovert, one introvert. Make a guess.

5. Pet in the morning, werewolf at night.

6.You think this whole glass is funny???

7. Yinyang on the loose.

8. She pretty knows her lipstick shade.

9. Why are you late?!

10. Now I’m guilty eating her mom.

11. When you hear them laugh and you can’t help but laugh, too, without knowing why!

12. This cake is all miiiine!

13. Not your typical Easter Bunny. He’s just a reliever!

14. Just an alpaca standing out in a herd of sheep.

15. She thinks she’s a bomb. Stay off!

Via Healthy Happy News